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Microblading is the manual process of introducing semi-permanent makeup, in the form of colored pigments, to mimic hair on the eyebrows. As a certified Everlasting Brows technician. The microblade scratches the epidermal or outerlayer of skin to a depth of .05 to .09, this then allows the pigment to be absorbed.

The design is waterproof, smudge proof, and looks completely natural with this technique you will have achieved the look of fullness and shape of hair where there was none previously.

Everblend is a hybrid method of shading + hair strokes to correct sparse and wide but short eyebrows to create a more dramatic look using both manual and PMU device.

Lash Enhancements create a thin line with a PMU device that usually starts from the inner corner of the eye going towards the outer corner of the eye, placing pigment directly into the lash line.  This service gives you the appearance of fuller and darker lashes but without the full eyeliner winged look. Multiple pigment color options are available to choose from.

Full Eyeliner creates thickness and length for a 100% customized smudge-proof eyeliner using the PMU device. This service offers the upper eyeliner, lower eyeliner or both. This is a wonderful option for women who are allergic to conventional makeup, wear contact lenses, have poor eyesight or shaky hands.

Full Lip permanent makeup is the answer to a fuller lip! The Full Lip service provides a much more natural and healthy look than botox or filler.  This service is a combination of lip-liner and lip color for all over enhancement.  The main reasons many clients choose the Full Lip service are to: enhance definition, correct asymmetry, correct loss of color from the aging process and to enhance thin lips.  The result is a beautiful natural "pout" with the color of your choice using the PMU device.

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Book MB or Brow
  • FREE Consultation

  • Semi-permanent brow pigmentation

  • Manual hair strokes

  • PMU device for shading

  • EVERBLEND (shading + hair strokes) 

  • Perfecting Session 4 - 6 wks included

Long Lashes
  • FREE consultation

  • Semi-permanent lip color

  • PMU device

  • Full Lips

  • Lip Liner

  • Customized colors

  • Perfecting Session 4 - 6 wks included

Permanet Lip Makeup
  • Tint

  • Wax & Tint

  • Brow Lamination

  • Henna Tint + Sculpting

Eyebrow Plucking
  • FREE Consultation

  • Semi-permanent eyeliner

  • Full Eyeliner

  • Eyelash Enhancement

  • Variety of Colors

  • PMU device

  • Perfecting Session 4 - 6 wks included

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